Quick Dry Spray Dog Grooming Products

Whether you are a new dog owner or you are a seasoned groomer, you can find quick dry spray dog grooming products that will make your job a lot easier. Whether you are looking for a quick way to blow dry your dog’s coat or you are searching for a spray that can eliminate dirt and mats, there are many different options available.


Using a quick dry spray on a dog can help get the coat dry and shiny in no time. Some of the best quick dry sprays are made with botanical extracts, such as aloe vera. These ingredients can work wonders for your dog’s skin. The trick is to find a good product that’s safe and slick enough to keep your pet looking spiffy.

While there are several quick drying sprays on the market, the Pro-Coat Grooming Quick Wick Drying Spray is a great choice for dogs. It’s a water based product with phenoxyethanol and propylene glycol, which helps it pull water out of the coat and leaves it smelling fresh. The spray is also fragrance free, which makes it great for grooming cats and kittens.

The Bio-groom So-Quick Drying Aid Grooming Spray is also a good choice for dog grooming. It reduces drying time by 50% and leaves your pet with a shiny coat. It also works well on both wet and dry coats, and it’s safe for dogs and cats.


Using a quick dry spray on your pet’s coat might just save you some time and frustration. The trick is to choose the one that is right for your dog’s specific hairstyle and coat. Many groomers swear by Davis Quick Dry as a grooming solution. It can be used on Spaniel ears, Cocker Spaniel feet and long-haired breeds such as the sexiest of the lot, the golden retriever. It also makes an excellent prepping spray for shows and dog shows. Using it correctly will ensure your pet is looking sexiest and ready to strut his or her stuff.

What’s in the Quick Dry elixir? Luckily for the groomer there are a few products that will do the job for you. One is the Show Season Animal Products line of products, which includes a shampoo and a spray in the aforementioned name. The products are meant to be used separately or in tandem. The shampoo includes aloe vera and lavender oil, the latter of which is said to soothe a dog’s dry, itchy skin. The spray is also a godsend for a professional groomer who has to wash and dry a multitude of animals in a short period of time.

Plush Puppy Fast Dry Blow Dry Spray

Whether you are looking for a great coat conditioning spray or want to enhance your dog’s grooming, Plush Puppy Fast Dry Blow Dry Spray can help you get the job done. This unique formula incorporates the latest active ingredients to cut drying time and help protect your dog’s coat. This conditioning spray for dogs is easy to use and adds moisture and condition to your dog’s coat.

Plush Puppy FAST Blow Dry Spray for dogs contains a blend of active ingredients that help reduce drying time, increase moisture and add condition. It can be used on any dog coat. After towel drying your dog, apply this coat conditioning spray on the coat. This coat conditioning spray for dogs contains Pro-Vitamin B5 and evaporation aiding ingredients to help reduce drying time.

Plush Puppy Texture+ Plush Shampoo is a pH controlled and effective shampoo for all types of coats. It contains Gentian Root, Arnica Flower, St John’s Wart Leaf and more to give your dog’s coat the moisture and texture it needs. It also contains a special blend of natural extracts.

Avoiding mats in your dog’s coat

Getting rid of mats in your dog’s coat can be a difficult task. However, if you’re willing to put in the effort, you’ll be able to remove tangles from your pet’s coat.

Before you attempt to remove a mat, you’ll need to make sure you have all of the proper tools. For instance, a slicker brush can be useful in detangling mats. These brushes have hard wire bristles with bent ends, and are designed to work on the fur’s surface.

You’ll also want to brush your dog regularly, to keep his coat smooth. A frequent grooming session will bring healthy oils to the surface. This prevents matting and promotes soft skin.

When you brush your dog’s coat, you should pay particular attention to problem areas. You should use a brush that is appropriate for the coat’s type. This will help ensure that you’re removing tangles without hurting your dog.

Mats can be formed naturally or as a result of debris, water, or dirt. If the mat is large, you’ll need to seek professional help.